Welcome to the first annual Dream Home blogger challenge, I'm so excited about this, and can't wait to see what everyone comes up with for their posts!!! Feel free to snag the little graphic up there. I'll get one made up with code below it as soon as I can figure out how! lol

Just need to let you all know right off the bat that this is NOT a contest, it's going to be all about fun, fun, fun.

So here's how it's gonna go... I want y'all to think about your dream home, you know, that place you would have if money were no object? Whether it's a farmhouse or a mansion, or anything in between.

Now take that house and imagine every single thing about each and every room, then head outdoors and think some more. What does it look like, is it cozy and small, or extravagant and spacious? Imagine all the little details that would make it your very own, would you fill each room with treasured momentos that once belonged to your Grandmother? Or maybe you'd fill it with things that are all brand new!

Would your yard be acres upon acres of vegetable gardens and flowers, if so, what kind? Maybe a few chickens running around? Or would you have a small terrace with a container garden?

Remember, this is YOUR dream home and you can do anything you want with it!!!

So with all that being said, all week I want you to think about one single room (I'll list the first room here in a sec). This week will be a little shorter since we're starting on Tuesday instead of Sunday, but y'all don't mind do you? Anyway... Think about that one room only, down to the smallest detail. You can find graphics online, take pictures to post, or just write about it if you'd like and then you will take those things and put them into a post on your own blog. Then every Sunday I will put Mr. Linky up so everyone can come and link to their Dream Home post so that everyone else can check it out!

I think it's going to be a great way to get to know a little more about other readers, and maybe find a few new blogs you'd like to follow. That's what it's all about out here in the bloggy world isn't it?! With all the stress we face each day, wouldn't it be nice to just take some time to relax and dream for a while?

So make sure you come back on Sunday to link up, we'll all be looking forward to it!! Till then, here's the first post we'll be dreaming up:


What kind of front porch would you have? Think about things like paint colors (if you have a favorite paint we'd love to know the name and see a picture!), furnishings, plants, accents, etc... What about the windows and the hardware, what would those be like? Remember, this is yours to create all for yourself, stop worrying about everyone else just for a little bit!

See y'all Sunday! OH, and don't forget to tell your friends so they can join in the fun too! And don't worry, if you can't do it every week, just jump in anywhere!

♥ T.


Wow, what a job! Am I going to get paid for this?
Hmmmmmm, will have to really think about it;-)

P.S. Great idea!

My husband would LOVE this one -- he's been dreaming of building a house since we've been married!

I LOVE YOU---nuff said

Ok, I have a nice SIZE house. I am looking for it to be completely done with pics and stuff.

I admit that it will be my dream home when you walk in the door, because it will be full of real LOVE and FRIENDSHIP!!!

Ok my dream home.... always clean so I can spend more time with my girls, awesome pool because they want one, one story because I hate we are not all on the same level. Close to family. That is about it. I love the previous post BTW. Very sweet.

now you've got my mind reelin'!!!

Oh fun! Going to be thinking about my porch for days now ;)

This sounds like a lot of fun. Sounds right up my alley. But wait, I'm not much of a blogger lately, maybe I could try?

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