Welcome to the Dream Home Challenge, everyone, I'm so happy to have you all here, whether you are joining in or just checking things out! I know that everyone is going to come up with something fantastic, and it's neat to know that we will find out more about each other and the homes that all of you dream of!
Please don't worry about making your posts like anyone else's. Your dream home is exactly that, YOURS! So whether you post pictures or decide to go without and just describe your home in detail, any way you choose is just right.

Don't forget to put the link to your post in Mr. Linky below so that we can all visit your page, and thanks for visiting mine!


A cozy, inviting place for friends and family... After searching all over, I finally found the perfect porch, or what I would consider the perfect porch!

Wow, what a glorious place to put your feet up with an old quilt and read a good book! My very own little place to hide away from the world...

I would have a beautiful red door, I've always wanted one of those, that I would never cover. Something that said welcome to all. A place where I could look out on my front garden, or watch the grandchildren dancing on the porch.

I would love a front porch light something similar to this. And magical lights like these that would twinkle all through the night.
Little glass vases that would reflect the twinkling lights at night and lush, free flowing, plants would hang from eaves and railings, giving everyone the feeling of calmness and peace. And delicate windchimes would welcome the evening breeze with a pretty little song. And of course it's always important to remember our fine feathered friends with a place for them to rest their wings and have a little something to eat.

And the furniture for visitors would be comfy and inviting, a place they would have trouble getting up from, but not for lack of comfort! A place to sit and relax with a glass of lemonade or sweet iced tea, to chat and laugh until their sides ached.

I hope that you have enjoyed the first installment of the Dream Home Challenge. Don't forget to tell your friends about it, so that they can join in the fun too. I'd love to see new readers here, and discover great new blogs I've not yet discovered!

Our next challenge will be the living room, I'll put that one up next weekend!


wonderful places!!!

What a great way to start the sunday morning except for the fact that you are still sleeping and we haven't had coffee yet. Come join me BFF!!

Am so thankful we have a great big, inviting porch like you've pictured, wraparound at that!

Good idea.

the quilt, the porch light, the goodies...ahhh, you sure know how to describe a perfect spot to be!

Oh, I love that porch! So pretty and inviting. Looks like the perfect place to drink sweet tea.

Love the first picture!

Thanks for stopping in everyone. Doesn't it look like a lovely place to retreat to? It looks like it even has a fireplace, can you imagine?!

You have a seriously cool blog. I'll be back to get all caught up!

Love your front porch! I still need to blog about mine...must focus and get some things done around this here Internet. :)

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