...I'm playing catch-up. Seems like that's always the case lately! Starting to get the nagging feeling that I'm giving myself too many projects to do. So many that I'm not getting any of them done, does that ever happen to you? This past weekend I took a break from everything, it was the first time I didn't multi-task in any way at all. I'm the queen of multi-tasking, or perhaps the queen of ADHD? I don't really know and is there a difference? If I'm watching tv I have to be doing something else like crocheting. If I'm on the computer I'm reading blogs, checking mail, messing around with my own blog, playing around with pictures, tracking calories at SparkPeople... well, you get the drift. I'm constantly on the look out for new projects, recipes, ideas that I know full good and well that I will never ever get to, but the idea is always nice. And I love to dream about pretty or delicious things. Maybe if I looked sexier in an apron, like everyone else here in bloggyland seems to. When I don one all I seem to acheive is frumpy... but I digress. Like I was saying, I took a day or two to just hang out with my better half and watch movies, spending some much needed time alone together, just enjoying each other's company.
Anyway, on with the show.

Here are my pictures for the past few days!

day 122 - random acts of kindness

Thanks so much to Kimmer!!! I came home from a tough day at work to find this box sitting at my doorstep, it couldn't have come at a better time. A cute little notepad to hang on the fridge (I was seriously thinking yesterday that I needed to get one). A sweet little purple travel bag full of all kinds of great goodies like goats milk soap, makeup brushes, lip gloss, etc... Candles, yummy Eucalyptus & Wintergreen body lotion, CHOCOLATE, and best of all, the gorgeous vintage embroidered hanky! You know I love anything vintage, especially if it's embroidered!
Thank you so much Kimmer, what an awesome surprise, and I promise to pass the kindness on and do something special for someone else.

day 121 - nature's way

day 120 - Happy Mother's Day to me!

My daughter and her family stopped by to wish me an early Mother's Day with a sweet card and some homemade chocolate cupcakes. What a wonderful surprise!

day 119 - for the love of blueberries


great pictures!!! oooooh those cupcakes look so good!!!

and what a sweet surprise you got!!! that is so fun!

FIANLLY!!! I figured out where I get it from. I cant count the amount of times I start a project and then get sidetracked and never finished the original one. Im glad you had a stress free weekend. And cant wait to see you in 2 weeks. Thanks for being a great mom

Oh those yummy cupcakes!!!! The pics are great.

Oh, so now that you have cupcakes, you can't give me grief about my bag of cookies....lol

beautiful pictures and a lucky you on mothersday!

Love the one with the leaves and raindrops most

I'm so overcommitted right now, I don't even know where to start!

what a great... a box full of gooies... chocolate cup cakes... yummy!

Oh lord, those cupcakes look amazingly scrumptious! Happy Mother's Day early!

you crochet? or is it crochete? see i'm not even craftie enough to know how to spell it. well i'm impressed and i sure hope you get to eat all those cupcakes BEFORE mother's day...so you can ask for more, right? happy mommy's day to you sweet friend!

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