day 142 - actions

I've been playing around at, using different actions to edit my photos. These are the before and after, using the 1960's action, currently my favorite! 


At which link do you use to edit your photos for the before and after..? I love that effect, thanks for sharing..!!

Can you email me the information..

follow my link to my blog, my email address is on my profile page. Thanks..K

Ok, the second one is really my favorite. When looking at these pics in your blog vs. IM they are so different. Great job again BFF, you need to change your career!!

THose are beautiful... I love that action also!!! :)

1960’s? It makes things seem warmer? I like it. Someone directed me to picnik a while ago – I never really played with it. You’ve inspired me. That photo by the fence looks like it should be on a greeting card. VERY nice.

Oh boy something else to keep me from housework way to go Tiff love it!!

Thanks everyone!! I'm having a lot of fun with it!

Love the pics! Thanks for sharing.

I haven't played over at picnik for a while. Looks like fun! I'll have to go back.

picnik stole my heart awhile ago and i don't know what i'd do without it! ☺

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