day 148 - sweet iced tea anyone?

day 147 - before and after

On Friday I painted our upstairs bedroom, the peach is what it used to look like (blech blech blech) The right side is what it looks like now, just not so minty green, it shows up that way in the picture for some reason though. Just wanted to document that peachy ugliness before it was gone forever! LOL

day 146 - whistler

Brand new shiny red kettle came in the mail from my Dad and Step-Mom! Think it would be too much to get a matching stove? I can't tell you how much I'm loving the touches of red with our newly painted black cabinets!

day 145 - comfortable??

day 144 - insanity!

All our cat Luto does is cry to come in, then as soon as he comes in he turns right around and cries to go back out.

~ice cold water melon, just don't eat the seeds, you know what can happen if you do!

~Pappy and his boys.

~Stitches are all gone!

~Hello? Hello? Can anyone see me??

day 143 - Memorial Day

Last Monday we spent Memorial Day at my daughter's house, it's always a great time there! They go all out with great food and I always leave there so relaxed and happy.


What a great capture of a productive week! Sweet tea...mmmmm...watermelon...hehe; can't seem to get enough it! Such a charming family

love the signs of summer...sweet tea and watermelon!!! yum!

LOL on the picture of you pooch laying on top of all those pillows!!! Looks very comfy!

great week!!

your pictures are fantastic this week!!
i have 'touches of red' in my kitchen too. i would love a red kettle. we've been looking for a red sink for 3 years and have yet to find one or even anyone that can make one! my next addition will hopefully be a new red cofeepot. :)

Great pictures! You know I've never been a big fan of red, until the last year or so. Now it's quickly becoming one of my favorite decorating colors.
LOL @ the "comfortable" shot. I have several of those around here. I'm convinced that a cats job is just to make us crazy sometimes. We have a few outdoor farm cats who NEVER come in (due to one daughters allergies), but some days they sit out and cry and cry wanting in. Crazy kitties.

Great pictures! Glad the stitches are out...looks like its healing nicely.

Your animals clearly think they own your place!

Oh, and that watermelon looks SO yummy!

Those grandsons of yours are just the cutest.
Man I haven't had watermelon in years.

Wow! Your pictures, speak for themselves. Delighted to meet you. I just found your blog via a friend and your profile picture made me smile. My little boys dance with delight when the find a dandelion, sharing the joy, the blow it together.

Hugs from this missionary mommy,
Sarah Dawn

I find it highly amusing that your bedroom is peach and you hate it.
Mine is peach too and I can't wait to remodel the bedroom because this peach gives me a headache too.
Its been peach about 20 years too long. Yikes!!

Two words for you... Cat Door. i would be very frustrated indeed without ours. they even make kinds that will fit into a window, slider or screen door.

I love all your summer fun pics. Especially that last one, it just says Summer to me.

Thank you all so much for all the awesome comments, every single one of them are so appreciated! I still can't believe sometimes that people actually come here and read what I have to say or look at my pictures LOL
You are all always ready with so much support and pats on the back, which everyone needs every once in a while, no matter who they are!

Becky, I would try the cat door but there's a big raccoon and skunks that hang out around our neighborhood and I'm scared to death they will come in the house!!! It's a great idea though. :o)

Binks, you'll feel much better if you just bite the bullet and paint, that peach stuff is a nightmare! LOL

Sarah, it's so nice to meet you, you have a beautiful family!

ChocDrop, we'll have to have some watermelon at some point when I'm there, even if it's watermelon pucker drinks!

Lisa, you're right, it becomes clearer every day that the animals think that this is their house and we just live in it. LOL

Dena, I never liked red much either until last year when I was at the flea market and found some vintage kitchen utensils with red handles, and after that I was hooked!

Fransmomma, oooh, a red sink would be fantastic!! The only thing I've found that even comes close are vintage reproduction fridges and stoves. If I ever seen one I'll be sure to let you know. Maybe you could get a regular sink and take it to a body shop and have it painted candy apple red? lol At least it would always be shiny!

Sara, isn't this just the best time of year ever? There are hints of summer everywhere just without the actual heat.

Kay, thanks for stopping by! I found you by way of my brother David's blog, Silence Escapes Me. Always love to check out blogs of people that follow him!

oh those eyes...those beautiful little boy eyes. man girl, how can anyone deny him of anything? your pooch looks adorable too!

Oh, I LOVE your pictures.... and nothing says it more than sweet tea!

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