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This week has been a tough one. Hubby and I haven't been seeing eye to eye, and when that happens, nothing seems right in our world. It happens to even the best of couples and is usually a time full of growing pains and lessons. If we pay close enough attention, those lessons can be learned without too much damage being done, that is always my hope, anyway.

My thoughts have been focused on what I'm to learn this time around, so far I've come up with patience, understanding, forgiveness, faith... need I go on?

We should always keep in mind that our spouses are human beings and make mistakes, just as we do, and we must learn to be open-minded and forgiving as much as possible, if we are to expect the same in return from them, should we need it. And we all inevitably need it at different points in our lives.

It's also important for everyone to remember that patience and forgiveness should not be things taken lightly or advantage of. Forgiveness always comes at a cost at some point, usually in the form of hurt feelings on someone's part. It is a gift we are given, if we are lucky or loved enough. It should be taken and embraced with our whole hearts and never trampled on.

I have loved my husband from the day we met, I love him more today than I ever have. How do I know I love him? Well, I could go on and on with that one, but the one thing that comes to mind at this moment is that I've never given up on him. No matter how ugly things might get, or how bleak the future might look, I've always known that if we can just forgive each other and keep understanding in mind, that we can weather any storm...


You keep your head up....LOVE will come shining through and guide you in the right direction. The love you have for him is awesome, hold it dear to your heart, it can not be replaced no matter what!!!
Call me day or night if you need me!!!! I know I need you, BFF!

WOW... those are really sweet words. I feel the same way about my love for my husband! :)

Simply lovely!

They say true love conquers all and it sounds like you two really work at your relationship, which is a very good thing.

I just love your honesty. It's encouraging...even inspiring. And your love for your husband is so apparent. He's a blessed man!

Beautiful thoughts. Thanks for sharing. I especially appreciate the idea that you know you love your husband because you've never given up on him. That's exactly how I feel about my sweet husband. We've been married 33 years and gone through some very rough times, but through it all, we've had love and faith in each other.

Thanks for visiting my blog, which in turn introduced me to yours. Lovely pictures. Photography is something I'd really like to get into.

Thanks everyone, as always, the support here is amazing.
Bloggy love to all of you!

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