Holy moly, we made it, we're half way through!!! I never stick with anything this long, doesn't that deserve a medal or something? At least a chocolate chip cookie, come on now... lol

Monday morning, this is what I walked into at the office. Someone did some serious shredding over the weekend lol

Finally time for a car wash!! Kind of funny that after so much rain that we would even need one.

A touch of yellow, and in serious need of a gardener!

Still one of my all time favorites. I was so happy to see these pop up in a place they never had in the past 4 years!

It's been a really long, hard week. There are some pretty serious changes taking place at work and we are all pretty much in limbo at this time, not knowing what's coming, or if any of us are going. I think we have all reached our threshold of stress, to say the least.
Hubby surprised me with dinner and a pretty bottle of sweet tea vodka, something I've been wanting to try. My mind is having a problem wrapping around the fact that this is not something to be gulped like regular sweet iced tea!! HA!

Packages from home always seem to come at just the right time and make things so much better. Thanks Dad, I love you too!

This weekend we had our grandsons over to spend the night. Always so much fun! We went to see the movie UP on Saturday, which I loved just as much as they did lol. Then later in the evening we had our traditional pizza and a movie right here at home, Dragon Hunters was our choice!
This is a typical Sunday morning when they're here...

Big hugs for Pappy, who's off to work.

Cartoon classics and Andy Griffith

Breakfast with well-loved friends.


Hope the sweet tea vodka helped you thru the weekend and that this week won't be as bad as last.

I love daisies too!

I have never heard of sweet tea vodka...I will have to check into this. Was it good?!!!

I love daisy's, mainly because it is my mom's favorite flower and so we had them around a lot as I was growing up.

Praying for your job!

Just stumbled across your blog and loved it. Love your pictures. Happy week to you!

Update on the sweet tea vodka, tried it with water and with iced tea, the iced tea won out. You can also try it with lemonade, but I don't like lemon in my tea so I haven't had that.
I rarely drink, so that bottle will probably last me a couple years haha
Hope you're all having a great week!

*sigh* daisies...always my favorite flower. so simple, beautiful and even tho they don't smell pretty...at least they don't stink! ☺

btw...my boys would have a serious party with those bags of shredded paper!

you hang in there. daisies....simply lovely.

Those yellow flowers are so pretty!!
Great blog by the way.

The single daisy is such a beautiful pic. It just made me smile. :)


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