I've been taking part in a weekly challenge on the Shutterbugs group over at SparkPeople.com! This weeks challenge was to post one subject three different ways. So I went in to my archives for the Peonies, as well as took new pictures of the vintage utensils, then made mosaics with Flickr Toys, aren't they fun?!
Can't wait until our kitchen is finally done so I can display the utensils in some sort of way. Still not sure what I'll do with them yet, any ideas? I know y'all are full of great decorating ideas!

My creation


Pastry Cutter


Biscuit Cutter

So we're going on about the 28th straight day of rain now... Chad and I are considering drawing up plans for an Ark right about now, gees! I mean, I know we need rain to make things grow, but this is getting to be a bit much already! LOL Can't really complain though, at least it's not 110 degrees with no rain at all.... It's not a pretty picture around here when I'm breaking out into a sweat at 6 in the morning, the movie The Exorcist comes to mind. Listen, I'm a Southern girl, lived in Texas for most of 36 years before moving to the east coast, and I know I should be accustomed to heat, but I just don't do heat and humidity well at all.
Thank goodness for sweet tea and air conditioning is all I have to say.
So I'll take this rain with a grain of salt, knowing that soon it will be over with, and thank my lucky stars that the temps are still only in the 60's and 70's.


I love your three way shots! Each one is beautiful, but they make a great mosaic!
It's been raining like crazy in Michigan too - there is flooding and lots of trees down after a huge storm yesterday.

I guess since I am the BFF I must say that it is 90 degrees out here in Missouri....I bet you wish you were here..
Oh yeah you will be in just a few days...woot woot

Oh yeah, I forgot to mention the pics....guess I was distracted!!

I love the way the pics came out especially the flower.

The three way pix are so cute. I have been trying to learn photo shop but it takes so stinking long!
Any ideas on the vintage tools? I think I would do shadow boxes for each tool and hang a little grouping.

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