Wow, my posts are getting fewer and farther between, what's up with that? I've been here reading but nothing comes to mind to really post about, but then again I've had an ongoing battle with my sinuses all week and it hurts just to think, much less come up with anything even close to witty or even understandable.
It's been a strange week, readjusting to having my husband home after a 5 day hiatus from each other. He was house sitting for his parents during that time, and we didn't see each other except once when he made me a wonderful dinner over at their place, best dinner I've had in a long time. Shout-out to the man with the cooking skills!

Well, here we are at week 24 of Project 365!


A view from the mudroom window out to the back patio area, looks like we've got some work to do!


Opened up the tea kettle that Dad sent a couple weeks ago and found it was filled with Mexican candy! All the yummy goodness that I used to eat when I was a kid. Thanks Dad, what a great surprise!!


Hubby came home bearing gifts. He brought beautiful white roses, a bottle of blackberry Merlot, and a sweet card that made me cry. Thanks Honey, I missed you too!


Ludo, dreaming that he's Super cat


Pennsylvania skies


Spent the day at a party for some friends of Chad's who got married recently. The party was at the bride's parent's farm, such a beautiful place, a great time was had by all. Congratulations to Jowal and Dora!
Always the entertainer LOL

Mud everywhere! Or is that really mud?

Little black kitty peeking out

Beautiful farm, but lots of hard work, I'm sure.

Spotted on the way home, love the red door

Well, I'm off to tackle the mountains of laundry and dishes that I've been neglecting.
Hope you're all having a great weekend!!


The party looks fun!!! I love farms. The kitty picture is great.
Have a fun week!

the picture of "super kitty" is great!!

wow, he can cook AND he brings roses and cards......pretty impressive!!!

Roses and a nice!

PA has no shortage of farms, that's for sure. I think the same thing you do when I see them though...what a LOT of work!

Those roses were beautiful. I am a fan of white roses. Blackberry merlot sounds delicious.

If you just admit to everyone that you have been my rock this week then they will understand why you are so tired. Thank you

i really love your pictures this week! the farm shots are beautiful.

LOL!! Love the picture of your cat stretched out.

Glad your man's back home!

I guess it was all the farm photos, but the theme song from Green Acres is now in my head :-) "Farm livin' is the life for me!" LOL

Have a great week and hope you get completely over the sinus problem!

sweet kitty
love all your photos
what a sweet man is in your life :)
i love surprises too!
really love your blog background

Beautiful roses, cute kitty and such a pretty blue sky! I enjoyed the others too!

Such great pictures. I love barns and silos. Maybe that's why I'm addicted to FarmTown on FaceBook!.

your dinner w/ hubby sounded awesome. nothing like changing the scenery to spice things up a bit! and your that a *rub my belly* pose or what!!

Thanks for the sweet comments everyone, they are much appreciated!!

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