Wow, hard to believe this will be the last Project 365 posting for July of this year. I'm with Sara, where did summer go? Didn't even get a chance to fully enjoy the warmer weather and now the leaves are starting to change already!

Monday: Our cat Luto, aka: the Wanderer
Brings to mind the quote "All who wander are not lost"
He loves to go back and forth between our house and the corner lol

This basketball hoop has become one of my favorite subjects to photograph. I bet someone had a lot of fun with it in years past.

Wednesday: What the heck is going on with Mother Nature? All of the leaves are starting to change color and it's only JULY!

Thursday: Ummm... I think it's time to clean the rain gutters when there's a tree growing out of them.

Friday: This day started out really horrible. I won't go into the details but am happy that it ended on a lighter note. That evening we made our way out to Becky's Drive-In for a double feature of Ice Age and Transformers, but only made it through Ice Age and decided to go home because we were getting sleepy LOL
As you can see, my favorite part of the whole experience is once again food related...

Saturday: Finally making some progress on the kitchen floor. I'm not so sure about the black and white, it will take some getting used to before I don't feel like I'm in the tunnel ride on Willy Wonka. But it matches the black cabinets perfectly and the husband loves it, so I'm willing to give it a try, not to mention the fact that the old floor was beyond disgusting, so just about anything is an improvement!

Sunday: My love affair with yarn, definitely not normal, in fact some might say it hinges on insanity.


Drive in movies are so much fun. What a fun summer night activity. Hope you had a blast. Love the pictures!

ok, the plant growing out of your gutter is pretty funny!!! where do you think the roots are going?

love me a good funnel cake!! yum!

I grew up in AZ and loved going to the drive in...great memories!

u had a FUN week!!
thx 4 sharing :)

I love funnel cake and I love the black and white floor!!! Awesome!

great pictures this week! the basketball goal does make a good 'subject'. it looks well loved. :)

That funnel cake started me drooling :-) I like the black and white floor... makes me think of a '50s diner or ice cream shop! Your rain gutter photo cracked me up :-)

Have a great week!

LOL! Much more productive than mine! and the floor is a great!

LOL I'm not sure how productive my weekend really was, other than getting a few tiles put down. my husband probably put down 80 something tiles, and I put down 4. Sure was proud of those 4 though hahaha

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