Week 29, here we go!
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~random thoughts~

Noticed this on Monday morning and thought it was kind of funny.


Tuesday - Clematis is in full bloom and taking over!


Wednesday - Always love a good western!


Thursday - well, as you can see, I completely forgot to take a picture of any kind on this day.


Friday was our 11th wedding anniversary. It was pouring down rain and my hubby asked me to pick him up from work (he usually takes his bike), and when he came out of the building he was carrying a big box with this cake in it, yummy!


On Saturday night we were treated to a double-header for our anniversary with my sister-in-law and her fiance, what a great time we had!

Still crazy after all these years.

This was the guy sitting next to us who caught the fly ball
that was coming straight at me! lol I was so impressed, he caught it with ONE HAND!

My sister-in-law, the official Phillies Fanatic stalker!


Today I had a surprise visit from my two favorite little guys. Josh, with the glasses, has been gone for 2 weeks visiting his biological mom and they decided to stop in and see me on their way home from picking him up. I was so happy to see them!!

Two pictures today, this was my reward for hauling boxes of floor tile in and out of the car several times until we finally settled on what we wanted lol It's a Sonice lime Chiller, VERY good but I think the lemon berry slush is still my favorite.


Oh that last picture did me in! At first I was thinking oh that cake is my favorite picture, but that last one takes the cake! (pun intended) Hahaha. I love the lemon berry slush too. Have a good week.

Man you really know how to photograph food. You made me want some cake and a sonic drink.....I do not have access to either right now....hmmmm I need a chauffer.

Happy anniversary. Stay happy and smiling BFF.

Happy anniversary!

Oh, I love, love baseball!!! I miss living near a major league team!

that sonic lime chiller looks awesome!! I want to try the cherry limeade one!!!

great week!!!

GREAT pics ... LOVE the Sonic shot! Note to self - must visit Sonic soon!

Happy Anniversary!

Happy Anniversary to you and yours! I'm glad you took the time to celebrate it and take pictures to remember it!

Happy Anniversary! It looks like you had a wonderful week. Much love surrounding you this week and I can see it in the photos!

i've been curious about the sonic chillers. looks yummy, but i agree with you on the lemonberry. sooo good! congrats on 11 years!!

that sonic drink looks amazing! great pictures for the week. and congrats on your anniversary, that cake looks delicious, and of course i have a cake weakness. lol!

Hi Everyone!
ROFL isn't it funny how no matter where you go, food pictures always get the most comments?! So glad to know I'm not the only one who appreciates sweet treats lol

You really do take some beautiful pics, esp. of the food!


It's just really hard for me to believe you have grandkids because you honestly look WAY WAY WAY to young, both of you, to have grand kids...

Just saying.


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