Week 28 of Project 365!

Wow, poor Sara, the host of Project 365 has sure had a week of it, bless her heart. Hope she gets better real soon so that she can enjoy what's left of summer.

Home again, home again....
Vacations are always a wonderful thing, and coming home is always sweet! I think that's how you really know a place is home, when, no matter how much fun you're having while you're away, you still miss the familiar surroundings of the place where you live.

It has been a very difficult couple of months at work. Without going into too much detail, there has been some major restructuring going on and we've all kind of felt like we were sitting in the middle of a tornado, wondering what would happen next.
I went in on Tuesday to discover that some people had been let go, and fully expected to have to go searching for a box to put my own things in. I was called into a meeting later that morning and not only was I not let go, I was given a promotion! Okay, I'm not sure it constitutes as a promotion if your pay remains the same, but the position is a much better fit and I will actually be able to take a real lunch break for the first time in 7 years! lol
On the other hand, there is much guilt in the fact that someone I really care about and have worked with on a daily basis for 2 years is no longer there, and in a huge way it's very difficult to be happy about my new position when someone else is struggling to make ends meet. I would have gladly refused the change, had it meant she still had a job, unfortunately that wasn't an option.
Something I need to come to terms with, I suppose.


Something I have yet to achieve, but am continuously working on... relaxation...

Feeling sorry for inanimate objects...

The start of a great summer read! I am adoring this book!

A few little drops of water,
the only thing that remains of the serious thunderstorm from last night.


that looks like a great book! and i love what you said about vacations and home, it is so true. home is where the heart is, but it sure is nice to get away...and necessary too.

Awesome pictures and congrats on 2 years smoke free. What an accomplishment. It must feel great! You go girl!

Great pictures!

Congratulations on 2yrs smoke free. I'm at almost 7yrs myself, so I KNOW how important those milestones are. Way to go!

LOVE the flower pic. So pretty.

COngrates on your two years and the promotion!!!
Where did you go on vacation?

Congrats on the promotion! And on 2 years smoke free - even though I don't know you, this makes me so happy. :)

Thanks for the book recommendation - I love to read, and so I'm adding this to my library list.

Again, congrats on your promotion. The fact that your environment will change will make all the difference in the world with your job.

I am so glad you are a non-smoker, 2 years, way to go!!!

HEY GIRL... congrats on 2 years SMOKE free and the promotion!

I'm doing a happy dance for you!

Congratulations on the promotion and 2 years of being smoke free!

I'll be keeping your friend who was let go in prayer for work elsewhere. Keep us posted on how her search goes.

LOOOOOVE the purple flower. Just beautful.


Thank you so much for the congrats everyone! It's been a tough two years with the smoking but gets easier every day and I feel much better for it. The doctor says I have the lungs of a 20 year old, so it's true that in such a short period of time you really can repair the damage.
And also for the job promotion, I can't wait to start the new position, away from the shelter where I am now!
LuAnn, I went to Missouri on my vacation, had a great time!

Wow...so much to be happy about for you! First, congratulations on the job change! But so sorry that you had to see dear friends be let go. And 2 years smoke-free! I can't tell you how happy I am for you. I've watched my parents and my sister struggle with it for years. Oh how I wish my sister and my mom would quit.

I admire you even more than I did before. :)

oh girl....you are finally getting a lunch break? now that's a tough job! the flowers/basketball hoop made me grin a big one! ☺ love the song.

Totally understand the ambivalence about the promotion and your friend losing their job...tough situation.

Congrats on two years smoke free!!!

It took a year in Africa to teach me to relax. LOL You HAVE to slow down there! Hopefully you won't require such a drastic move.

Congratulations on the promotion, although I understand how you feel !! Great work on staying away from the cigarettes, that is a difficult job !!
The hibiscus looks so wonderful. I love the colour !!
have a great day !!


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