... But it is what's been goin' on around here....
My best friend is in the hospital with a few complications, so I figure I'd better do something to keep my mind occupied. Jess, if you happen to read this while you're chillin' in that sterile room, you know I love ya Girlfriend! Hurry up and get better so we can have our weekend morning coffee together, I miss you!

First pick of the season, Blackberries straight off the bush!

Fine feathered friends who come to visit.

Reminiscing about Horton Hears a Who lol

Birthday parties ending in just a tad bit of drama *sigh*...

Awesome packages from faraway friends!!!
Thank you thank you thank you Steve and Jan!

Yummy dinners made by hubby on busy nights.

Naughty dogs who have no shame...

Feeling just a little proud of myself for finally getting this shot. It took me a LONG time to finally catch this and entailed finding a place to park and running half way on to a busy on-ramp during morning rush hour traffic, but I finally did it! LOL


I was certain that you were gonna blog about "Let's Get It On" or "Sexual Healing". Those are the songs that came to mind!! Lol!! Of course, your pics did not disappoint. I've missed your more frequent blog posts. And I hope that the new job is going well! Hugs to you my friend...

Well, "ditto" to what Tracy said!!! LOL
I have missed reading your blog and chatting with you more on the list. I am glad your job is going well, but frankly I am going to need you to chat with me more if I have to deal with much more of the "VBS-The College Years"...LOL
Love you gal!

Thanks for the kind words while I was in the sterile room.

I absolutely love the swing picture. Just beautiful!

L just love the swing picture - Great job - that is one to blow up and frame. Your dog cracks me up too. Wonderful pictures this week.

Awesome shot...totally worth it!

Your dog is too much! Those berries look delicious!

such great pictures you've shared with us this week...love 'em
especially love the swing shot
i have a swing shot i took during my daughter's senior picture session that I love :)
have a great week next week

Thanks everyone!!!
Yep, our dog Monk is something else sometimes, he's just like a stubborn little old man LOL

Loved the picture with the swing. It brought back a lot memories.

Ashley Kay

Great photos; especially love the last one. Makes you want to sit and swing a while :-)

Hope and pray your friend gets better quickly.

It sure is fun to get food from "home"!

Have a great week!

WITT WOO...i love your new look! and the horton comment made to do the belly laugh! ☺

Wow! You captured so much beauty and good in the midst of difficult times--very inspiring.
You should enter your photography in some contest, a winner for sure!

I'm so hoping your friend is well soon!

blackberries are gorgeous

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