Wow, I've fallen so far behind. Right when I say I'm going to start posting more, I pretty much fall off the face of the earth! Ever feel so overwhelmed with things that need to be done that you just shut down and don't do anything at all? That's pretty much how I've been for the last two weeks....
I'm starting in my new position at work tomorrow, preparing for a big trip back home in September, then there's my Mom and step-dad's visit in November, I have a million things to do around this messy house.... well, you all know the story, I'm sure you've been there a time or two lol
So anyway, I'm not going to attempt to catch up on Project 365, just going to post several pics that I took yesterday that all have something to do with this past week, and then I'm going to start fresh with taking a picture a day. Was doing so good with that, but you know what happens when you skip a day... one day turns into two weeks!
So without further Adieu....

Handed in the keys to my old desk and office, this was all that was left to take home after 7 years. Tomorrow starts a whole new adventure!

Lots of berries will be ripe for the picking soon!

Have you had these? They are to die for! I haven't seen them in too many stores, so when I do I grab a few! lol

One of those million projects that we need to get done around here...

Pretty in pink

One white flower...

Breathing some new life into this place.

Picked up some new plants for the front of the house, can't wait to get them in the ground!

Wandered around taking pictures of different textures that interest me in the back yard. These are our old Bilco doors, you can see how much we go down to the basement with the plants cropping up all over. lol

Old boards on the patio railing that need to be replaced.

View from the back porch into the mudroom. This window is so old I'm afraid to open it!

This has been my dinner more times than I'd like to admit lately, seems like it's about all I have the energy to make sometimes!

Been thinking about what I'd like to do with this old wicker book case. Thinking I might paint it black and put it in my office/craft room once I get that room cleaned up and organized. What do you think, would you leave it this natural color or paint it?


Well, I think it's great that you're jumping back into the P365. Your pictures are great. I completely relate with being overwhelmed. Take one project and one day at a time. And don't beat yourself up over what doesn't get done. You're not SuperWoman after all!
Oh, and the bookcase.....I say leave it. It looks fine natural and who needs another project, right?
Have a great week!

LOL, you're so right, here I am adding yet another project to my already endless list!
Thanks for stopping by and "reading" me, it's much appreciated.

taking pictures and exercise are about the same!....once you miss a day it's hard to jump back in!! Glad you are!

I missed blackberry picking season here and am so sad that i won't have any in the freezer!!

coconut M&Ms?!?!?!!!! Where can I find them?!!

Yep, you're right about it being like exercise!
I found these m&ms at Walgreens. I think they are a limited edition...

I have been missing the great photos that you seem to have an incredible eye for!!!

It's ok to fall of the wagon, this time just wear your seatbelt or hold my hand!! Always here for you!

Aww I was just thinking how you havnt posted in I know I dont comment much, To anyone , But I do read and enjoy. Of course I do Im your daughter. But They have those M&M's at the gas station up from my house . So next time your up this way check in there. And you still suck that your going home :P ok think my face is green. But I do think its great youll get to see everyone. Youll have to take lots of pics so it will seem like im there.

Hate that overwhelming feeling. Your pictures look great though.

Wow... I love the new look of your blog!

Hang in there honey :-) Just take a breath and concentrate on one thing at a time.

Hey what was that heart in your moving box? Whatever it was it made me smile.

Obviously a busy lady with so many projects! I'm not so much a procrastinator as I take on too much and become overwhelmed... but eventually slug thru it all, whatever it is.

Painting the bookcase might give it new life and make you feel it's new again.

Yeah, life takes over sometimes. Welcome back though! Loved your photos this week! Mmmm, love berries! Berries in pies, berries with ice cream, berries in jam, berries on cereal...

We're lucky to get plain M&Ms here. Will have to put those new ones on my "must try" list for next furlough.

I say paint the bookcase any color you want! Black if you want to go with under-stated. Or a bright happy color if you'd rather -- ever thought of yellow or green or even pink? :-) Sometimes you just need to inject a little color (or at least I do).

That mudroom pic is stunning!

I've not seen the coconut M&Ms..but will be on the look out for them for sure!

I love all your plants. I wish I had a green thumb.

I think painting the wicker book case sounds awesome. And black is such a dramatic change.

I agree with the others. Make a nice long list of the things that need to be done so they don't keep rattling around in your head, then take just one at a time. Its all you can do right?

And hey, as far as the project? some pictures is better than worries!

Your ‘last-day-of-work-box’ does look kinda’ sad. :(

Beautiful Berries!!!

The one white flower photo is priceless. I’m thinking of so many devotional ideas to use this illustration. Just priceless! A picture speaks a thousand words.

I also very much like the view of your old window looking into the mudroom. Again – so many possibilities.

"Honeycomb's big...yeah yeah yeah!
it's not no no!
Honeycomb's got...a big big bite!
Big big taste in a big big bite!

I lived on this stuff in college.

Happy week, friend!

so nice
loved your pics

So I am going to make a guess is that Texas chili in a can?? Love love love the swing picture.

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