Tuesday - the view through my front door.

Going to try and post much more often than I have been. It's such good therapy, free therapy at that. And it connects me with other people, whether they be like minded or bringing something new to the table of my life!
Yesterday ended up going pretty well, it was the best, most peaceful day that I've had at work in a long time. It meant so much to be reading everyone's comments throughout the day when I took a break here and there, thank you all!
After work I dove head first into a little retail therapy (there's that word again lol). I'm not usually a shopper, crowds kind of freak me out, and I HATE trying clothes on, especially in fitting rooms with bright lights and big mirrors. Reminds me of things I'd rather forget, like pudge and circumstance lol Anyway, found some great clothes and stayed within the budget that I'd set for myself for new office clothes, thank God for stores like Ross! Can't look frumpy when I start that new position in 2 weeks, now can I? Got home and showed Chad all of my new goodies and when I put on the new shoes, which are really sexy by the way, he asked me if I would like to play naughty secretary, haha, I think he likes them.
Got home and there was an envelope in the mail from my best friend in Missouri, which included a picture of her grandson, the absolute cutest baby on the planet! Thanks BFF, you know it made my day!

Got some crocheting done while watching Anthony Bourdaine - No Reservations. Netflix is grand my friends, just grand, love that you can watch things instantly on the computer, things that we used to watch when we had cable. Chad said the squares remind him of mint chocolate chip ice cream, and he's right, although you can't tell from this picture. I should be working on my daughter's afghan, the one I've been promising and working on for a couple years now, but it's so large and has to be laid out, something I definitely don't want to do here in the living room where the dogs hang out. Nicole, if you're reading this, I promise I WILL get that done for you SOON!

Well, I hope you all have a great day.
Find some way to make yourself happy today!


I do believe retail therapy works wonders...even if it's just online therapy, lol!!

Netflix is fabulous. It makes my mailbox such a happier place beside all those bills.

retail therapy is my favorite kind! especially when I can get a good sale!!!

I need to try netflix!

Glad you are going to stop by more often. I miss you here and everywhere. I have to agree that he is the cutest and happiest baby. I figured since you two were glued at the hip while you were here, you had to have a pic of him.

I am really liking the new layout.

love ya BFF

Naughty Secretary huh. Oh. My. :)

Good to hear you had a better day. Gotta take them when you can.


I think I've seen that adorable baby! He could make anyone's day happier!

i just shopped for myself for the first time in forever this weekend, and it was wonderful!

I LoVE your new look!!! So cool!

Congrats on the new job... I've been slacking in my reading so I'm just catching up!

I'd say PAINT the wicker! :)

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