day 90 - missing buttons

The only thing left for this pretty little sweater are the buttons and then I can send it off to my niece Sadie Rae. I'm stumped on whether to keep them simple and delicate or add a little more flair. What do you think?


Ohmigosh you made this? How beautiful! I keep seeing tiny small heart buttons or pearl daisies :-)

Oooh, pearl daisies, that sounds perfect!

Is that crocheted? Very cute!

I can see either a simple white button... or yes - cute little pastel flower buttons... that would be adorable!

Yes, it's crocheted, it's a little Victorian sweater, long and flowy at the bottom. :o) I had the best time making it, it's the first time I've ever made any type of clothing besides a scarf! lol

It's beautiful, Tiff! Great job! Simple and sweet is usually the way that I go, but I'm a simple girl!

Gorgeous!!! I think any way you go on the buttons will be adorable. You are just a woman of many talents.

Hi, just visiting over here. =) What a beautiful sewater! You are so creative!

What a beautiful little sweater! Your sweet niece is going to be precious in it! You have a very beautiful blog. I enjoyed my visit with you.

From One Southern Girl to Another,


Wow, you did a great job. I think something girly like flowers or pearls would be awesome. Litlle girls should be showered in little sweet things like that.

You do beautiful work. I crocheted a sweater for my little girl last Christmas and she chose the buttons - all different (sizes, shapes, etc.) but each was a soft pastel. It gave the sweater a "bold" and kinda' querky' feel to it, yet it was still feminine and soft.
Love the name Sadie :)

I'd go with simple and delicate but that's just me :-) What's your niece like? Would she prefer delicate or flair?

It's beautiful! Simple buttons would only add to it's sweetness.

I'm speechless Tiff. It is absolutely beautiful. Caren is going to melt when she sees it and Sadie Rae is going to look like a little princess when she wears it. Thanks, love ya, -d

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