My brother David
(just a note that I did not take this picture, although I wish I had been there when Sadie was born!)

For 10 long years my brother has had a dream of putting a book together and getting it published. He's an extraordinary writer and artist, and has always wanted to put his poetry into something tangible. He's not about making money, he never has been, but about leaving something behind for his children and grandchildren. A legacy, of sorts.
I always had faith that his dream would come true, I've always had faith in him to do anything he puts his mind to... but life always had a way of taking center stage. All good things, mind you, first he married, then he was busy taking care of his family, change of job, buying a house, wife going to college working super hard at getting her degree, and then there came new baby, Sadie. David has always had a way of putting everything else before himself. He's kind hearted and generous, never selfish in his desires.
The dream to publish his book has always been just that, a dream. Sometimes placed on the back burner, always for good reason, and sometimes surfacing and urging him to go forth and follow through, so strongly that he could hardly resist. Isn't that the way it always is with artists? The urge to create sometimes taking hold of every fiber in a being, overpowering until it has the person literally writhing in pain, leaving no choice but to put their passion out there and create something beautiful from within. It's no different for him, in fact, I think with him it's sometimes stronger than it is for your average, ordinary writer.
Then yesterday, the call finally came... "I put a deposit down with the publisher"
Those words he has longed to say for over a decade now.
We talked for a while about the format, and what picture he would use for the cover, and what size it would be. All of the details that have been swimming in his head came spilling out, the excitement so evident you could cut it with a knife!
To read some of his writings, please head over to his blog Silence Escapes Me Still I Dream. He has his comments disabled at this time, however if you would like to give feedback on something he's written, please feel free to come back and leave it here, I'll be sure to get it to him.
David, I'm so incredibly proud of you. You're one of the greatest men I've ever been fortunate enough to know, and so blessed to be able to call you not only my brother, but my friend.
It's your turn to shine, 'brobro', all the waiting finally worthwhile. Now take a deep breath and shine like the sun!
(Oh, and don't forget me when you're famous.... just sayin.)


day 112 - in bloom


what a beautiful post to your brother! I think what shone through the most, more than his desire to publish a book, was your love for him. I truly hope my children have that kind of relationship when they are grown!

Damn, you made me tear up!!! You can just feel the love and excitement coming from you about your Brobro. Reminded me of the way I feel about my brother.
Wish him the best. Enjoy the ride of a dream come true...Just Beautiful. Can't wait to get it.

Now about the picture. I really like it!
I love the way it partially hides the house but gives it a life of its own.

I really think you need to be a photographer. I just know that if take a picture of me I would be the most beautiful girl in the world from your eyes.....

Wow Tiff!!! I don't know what to say. You have always been a huge source of support and encouragement in my life and on that bridge that day you pulled me through. Thanks for loving me no matter what and for not only being the worlds wisest and greatest sister but for also being a true friend. Love ya, -d

Tiff,....what a beautiful tribute to your brother. I agree with Sara above. You can tell the two of you have a special relationship and that special bond betwee the two of you.David, congratulations on finally making your dream come true. I will be anxious to read your work. You and Tiff have got me bawling!

fantastic shot of the blooming tree!!

But the shot of your brother with the baby is really stunning!! Great to hear about his dream!

Congrats to him!

What a beautiful portrait of father and daughter!

Love David's dream and your profound support of them both. Love also that you two read each other's blogs!

Yes . . . love the shoes!
Your photos all have such a lovely perspective . . .You truly have an eye for the shot! The clothesline is my favorite. Such a humble, sentimental feeling for me looking at it. My husband fixed my Huffy Bike (looks almost exactly like yours) after it sat in our garage for five years. I'm looking forward to getting on it very soon too!
Great pictures this week. Thanks for sharing your eyes with all of us!

I am a big fan of you both!!

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