Wow, hard to believe we're almost half way through Project 365! I have taken a lot of pictures this weekend, these are my favorites. So let's just say these are all for days 112 (continued) thru 114, which will finally catch me up to today! Whew, that's clear as mud isn't it? lol

Hubby fixed my bike that's been sitting in the garage for 3 years. I only rode it a few times before putting it away, so glad to have it back out and ready to ride again, and that he finally showed me how to change gears properly without messing it up! lol Hey, what can I say, it's been a looooooong time since I've ridden a bike, and never one that had more than 3 gears....

It's that time of year again!

Thirsty little bee

Japanese Maple, showing her colors

The sweet little winchime that I've had forever, and realizing the porch is in desperate need of a paint job!

Friday night bowling with hubby. Unfortunately it turned into the fight of the century, but it was fun while it lasted!

Love the snazzy shoes!


Girl, I need to know where I can get a pair of those snazzy shoes? How come no one has ever made sexy bowling shoes....Never understood that!!

The thirsty bee is great. That purple just stands out.

Your bike looks so cool. Ride while its in the wind.

i really like the clothesline picture. very 'artistic'. :)

Fantastic shots! Each one is great! But I love the bowling one and the one with the clothes pins most!

Have a great Sunday!

Would love to have a Japanese Maple tree . Great pictures.

Totally stylin' shoes :-) Don't ya just love the smell of line dried clothes?! Nice bike too. Great pictures all around :-)

i'm lovin' the shoes! thoes colors are so bright and make me want to BOWL! that bird looks so cute all puffed up and keeping warm!

Thanks for all the awesome comments everyone, you know stuff like this always makes a girl feel good :o)
♥ Tiff

Great photos, love the shoes and the windchime!

Great pictures this week. I hang out wash too.
Blessings this week!

Great pictures this week. I hang out wash too.
Blessings this week!

Love all your springy pics - a bike ride, wind chimes, budding plants, but, especially the clothespin. Now THAT says spring ... love climbing into a bed with wind blown sheets!

Awesome pictures!! I'm weird... i always love bowling shoes... they're so ugly, they make them cute...

& I'm jealous! I want a clothes line SOOO badly! But my dogs would pull them all off in an instant!

hey no come you don't have the extra wide bike seat like me? i need all the extra padding i can get to buffer what padding i already have!

Ride like the wind grasshopper, ride!!!! lol. Those shoes reminded me of the time I went bowling with the perez family when we were kids. We left the bowling alley and drove to McDonalds and after we ate and got up to leave we all realized I still had those really cool shoes on! Ouch, lol.

LOL, and they are velcro! I love it... the shoes. hahahahaha!

The bird windchime is too cute. I love birds.

Your pics are always so good. I enjoy seeing your weeks.

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