Eight Things I'm Looking Forward To:
1. Hopefully seeing my BFF in July!
2. Going home to TX to see my family in September!
3. The book that my brother is publishing.
4. Getting the air conditions put in and cranked up. How did we go from winter to summer overnight, I thought there were supposed to be four seasons in PA...
5. My Mom coming to visit in November!
6. The movie Curious Case of Benjamin Button coming out on dvd.
7. Capris and flip flops.
8. A nice afternoon nap.

Eight things I did yesterday..
1. Sunday morning coffee with my best friend via instant messenger, it's fast become a weekly ritual.
2. Yard work.
3. Almost got attacked by a swarm of wasps in my mudroom.
4. Drove around with the windows open singing to Cake, looking and sounding like a total idiot, and not really caring lol.
5. Took the lattice down from the back porch.
6. Dreaded going back to work.
7. Changed the sheets from flannel to cotton.
8. Painted my toenails #352 Graphite.

Eight things I wish I could do
1. Get a full nights sleep.
2. Get rid of these allergies.
3. Spend more time with my daughter but am happy that she's doing well.
4. Fly to see my best friend, it's been waaaaay too long!.
5. Work from home, seriously.
6. Have a bigger/nicer bathroom.
7. Hire a handyman/yard person.
8. Relax

Eight TV shows I watch - don't have cable anymore but when we did it was:
1. Paranormal State
2. Anthony Bourdaine, No Reservations
3. Down Home with the Neely's on the Food Network
4. Office
5. Ghost Hunters
6. Lockup
7. Women Behind Bars
8. Cold Case Files

I'm supposed to tag 8 people but I don't know who all has done this already so I'm cheating and saying anyone who feels like doing it! lol

day 115 - green


Some good insights into you, my dear!

I don't care that you did not tag anyone, just glad you could do it.

Man your BFF, sounds really great....hee hee

The bench seems so calm and inviting, just makes me want to sit on it.

Love the green!

sounds like that BFF better get there quick. you must sure miss her. great list tiffany! especially the part about the afternoon nap.

wonderful place to rest and take a break!

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