day 96 - backed up...

Well, as expected, traffic was backed up for miles in all directions because of the bridge painting that's going on. We couldn't figure out what was so important about painting the bridge until someone told us that if they don't paint the bridge it will rust and then there is a chance that the bridge could fall. So I guess I'd rather be stuck in traffic than be on the bridge if that was to happen! But what I want to know is who's gonna pay for all the gas we're all wasting by just sitting there for hours on end?! lol Oh well, it was all worth it in the end because I had the chance to take a bunch of pictures of the neighborhood and when I got home these were waiting for me...

My very first issue of MaryJane's Farm and the new shiny black sandals from the flip flop swap I took part in over at Growin' With It!!! I can't even tell you how happy these two things made me, those sandals will look soooo cute with a pair of summer shorts or a sundress, can't wait for warmer weather so I can put them on and make all my co-workers and friends jealous! hehe
Thanks so much to Lois Lane over at Fearfully, wonderfully made! Yours will be in the mail A.S.A.P.! (and no it's not one of those awful "check is in the mail" cases, you were just quicker on the draw than me lol)

Hope y'all had a great Monday!


i really hate sitting in traffic! Unless I have some good music on. :)

Traffic bites. I can say that is one reason I love working the hours I do is that there is no traffic especially at 530 in the morning. I own the road, except when a semi gets in my
BTW, no Po Po usually.
Can't wait to see the next installment of pics.

Haha, glad you liked them!! I Loooovvvveee shopping, and I saw those and thought, "Hmm...Those look just about perfect." =D

What a fun way to come home to have goodies waiting on you after yucky traffic!

cute flip flops!!!

I love your positive attitude about the traffic! And look at the reward waiting for you at home...our God is good!

I'm happy for you flip flop exchange...but POOR thing having to wait in that traffic! Bleh!

It is so green where you are at, it looks beautiful. Can harldy wait for it to start getting some color here.

Tiffany,.....are you in PA? It's always so pretty there, no matter the weather. My hubby was born in Harrisburg and grew-up in the area around there.

Why have I never heard of Mary Jane's Farm? So glad you popped by my blog because now I need to look into it.

Traffic is yucky!

You're welcome!
I hadn't heard of her either until I bought her books last year. Actually I didn't even realize the books were by the same author until I really looked, I was just attracted to them both lol But now, I just love everything she has to say!
Nope, traffic is not good, not good at all... ;o)

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