day 97 - not just for breakfast anymore


How cruel.....I had dinner but damn those look good, just need a mound of butter ( I can hear my arteries clogging) and syrup.
I did have french toast this morning at work. I have to say for hospital food, their french toast rocks.

Missed ya today

I love breakfast for dinner there was a time my Mom and I lived off of waffles can not remember if that is all we could afford at the time, or if it was what we wanted to eat, now I can not eat flour at all those were the days!

Yum Yum! Pancakes is my hubby's favorite, and he can put some mean ones together. I does the sourdough pancakes that he has mixed up a batch. They are like the batteries,....they keep going and going and going! They are never ending. Once he get's the "starter" going, I can't get rid of them! That's ok,....even tho' I don't eat them, somebody besides him enjoys them.

NO, not just for breakfast at all!

I much prefer big breakfasts for dinner :-) Before we left the U.S. some dear folks from our home church gave us four pints of REAL maple syrup they made. That gallon has to last 3 years so we're pretty stingy with it -- we don't pour it over the pancakes. We dip our pancakes into a little bowl of syrup. All the mapley goodness without using too much :-) You can't even find fake syrup in the stores here. So yeah, it's a real treat when we have pancakes!

I love having breakfast for dinner.

Now I have the 2 am munchies.

They are looking yummy, and make me hungry!

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