Haven't had much of a chance to get on here and post, and when I did have a chance my brain was too tired to think of anything to say! It still is but I wanted to get the rest of this weeks pictures posted before next week starts lol
Today when I got home from work I had a surprise waiting for me on the other side of the door, my daughter and grandsons had come to visit us for a little while. I will never get tired of their excitement every single time we see them!

day 101 - pappy and the boys

sleepy-heads and hairy legs lol

day 100 - shout out to Rita!
chocolate gelato with cherry italian ice

day 99 - red doors and archways

day 98 - best sauce EVER!


Great pics. I love the one with the red doors.
Well you have been missed this week......
Grandkids are still at my house too.

Love all the pictures. Especially the red doors and archway one. Is that a church and is there history behind it? It's beautiful Grand-sons are adorable. Enjoy your visit with all of them. I have one grand-daughter,...Diana. She spent some time with me yesterday coloring Easter eggs. I always love having her with me. Funny thing,...she thinks I spoil her!

I kept reading the title "sleepy heads and hairy legs" and I couldn't figure out why you said hairy legs...then I saw them!!! I am so not a detail person! ha!

That church is so beautiful. I like taking photos of doors :-) Here in Argentina people's garage doors are made of wood and usually match their front doors.

That sauce does look amazing. Do you put it on pasta, meat, pizza???

the ice cream looks delicious--i love gelato!! i really like the red doors picture too!

The basketball as a pillow is a nice one.
Red DOOR! I LOVE it. The barren tree and the architecture just begs for the photo to be taken. Very nice.

Eventually, I will post all the photos I took in Savannah and you will see how alike we truly are.

Cute shot of Pappy and the Boys! Love the closeness and the orange colour!

The gelato looks so yummy, and all the other shots are also great

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