day 102 - for life

We spent Easter afternoon over at my in-laws today, delicious dinner of pot roast, green bean casserole, mashed red potatoes, deviled eggs, crescent rolls - soooo good! What a blessing to have such a wonderful meal, something I am always grateful for, especially when times are so tough for everyone.
It was a nice afternoon for hubby and I, getting along exceptionally well is always a good thing, don't you think?
After dinner everyone was standing out on the back deck and I noticed there were two doves sitting on the next deck over, not bothered at all by any of the humans that were invading their space. I thought about how they mate for life, something so few animals do, and when you think about it, it's becoming something that not too many humans do anymore either. So sad...
But I left there thinking how happy I am to have found the person that I want to spend the rest of my life with, just like those two birds have done.
It was a good day.

Hope you all had a wonderful Easter and that each and every one of you have someone special that you share your life with, whether it be a spouse or a best friend. Or maybe you're one of the very lucky ones, like me, who just happen to have both!

♥ T.


they are so cute and fluffy!!!

I have one and a half. You are my ONE, and you know the 1/2--not worth mentioning right now.
I do want to thank you for starting my day off pretty spectacular, my BFF was as close to me as she could get. I did get some distant family news, but I will enlighten you later about that. ( everythings good with me and the girls)

I´glad your are having someone such special!

Love your journaling aground the birds pictures.

Thanks for stopping at my blog

Great pictures - I love the new blog look too!!!

I am a firm beleiver that life is meant to be shared. I am blessed to be able to share mine - The ups and downs, and the good and the bad - with my best friend and the love of my life. Sure it is not a perfect paradise with no problems, but then what would I learn if it were not for the struggles and those opportunities to stretch and grow. Love ya sis, -d

this is a great post! glad you had a blessed easter--and some birds to remind you how blessed you are! :)

They look like little statues all fluffed up like that.

My Love is my best friend too :-D

Thanks for the comments everyone!!

These photos are precious!

... sidenote about "deviled eggs"
My mother makes them every year at Easter and gets VERY angry if anyone at the table refers to them as "deviled eggs." We must refer to them as JESUS Eggs!

Great photos! Love the doves. I've never seen any that aren't part of some show.

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