day 103 - southside

Okay, I'm cheating today. I've been arguing with the cable company and trying to find ways to cut back on our budget all afternoon and am just too pooped to even think of anything to photograph! I took this a couple days ago and forgot to post it, hope it still counts in some little way.
If you click on the picture and make it bigger, you can see the old Bethlehem Steele in the back left hand corner. They are making it into a casino now but as far as I know they will be preserving a portion of it as the actual Steel Mill. Lots of history there to be certain.

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Love the pic.
Been sitting here vegging to the music.

Great photo!

Just found you and am now following thru a 'thingie' at, am now on my way to attack 1 more unsuspecting blogger!

Do I even dare speak the words/letters? RCN? I need to do some battle with them about our service. Ack!

We cut our cable and telephone service a few years ago and haven't regretted it. We still have cellphones and pay about $17 a month for Netflix.

Love the pic!

Grrr...I sympathize with you on arguing with the cable company.

BTW, I got the flip flops in today!! I am so excited; you must be a mind reader, too, cause I have been wanting a pair in that exact color!!!! I can't wait to wear them!

Oh, look, it's the light I sit at every day - if I can even get there off my street because traffic is backed up so far :)

Good to find another crafter in Bethlehem!

ChocDrop- thanks Girlfriend, love ya!

Gaston Studios- Glad to see you here, thank you for stopping by and leaving a comment!

Susan- No, you may not say the words/letters RCN on this blog, the words/letters are hereby forbidden from this moment on!!!!! LOL Oh by the way, if you call to cancel service like I did today, make sure you ask for Greg, he won't pressure you into staying with them, great guy!

Lois Lane - Sooooooo glad you love the flip flops as much as I did! I wasn't really sure if that was coral or not because when I went to check out the lady was calling them orange! Started thinking maybe I was colorblind all of a sudden LOL Enjoy them, hope they fit okay!!

JennyHats, so nice to meet a fellow crafter in this area, thanks so much for stopping by!

Did I miss something along the way? Is there some sort of photo theme to this site? lol

Oh I'll have to remember Greg at the place whose name shall not be spoken. Love when there is no pressure.

DH keeps changing his mind on whether I should call or not. Hopefully the Internet will keep on rocking.

you live in such a beautiful place!

Oh wow Tiffany what a gorgeous picture!

Thanks for the blog love

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