day 104 - rebel
Waiting till the last minute, because once again we owe...
Nothing like being a rebel, that'll show those bigwigs! LOL


don't you just love this time of year!! :{

We owed too. Luckily our state refund covered the owed federal taxes. Next year we are screwed. We both had to increase the amount of taxes coming out of our paychecks....damn less money.

I don't remember being asked to bend over...but I can feel the

If waiting 'til the last minute is a rebellion, what the heck are those tea baggers?
(I have now heard that term 49,000 times on CNBC)

Since I'm on Social Security and don't have any other income, I don't have to file; I don't miss it one bit!

Ohh Tiff, we owed too. A pretty hefty chunk even, but we knew we would. But it is what it is, we;ll get it paid off. It is only money.

You go girl... stick it to the man *lol*

Being farmers, we ALWAYS owe, plus ours is due by March 1st.

Thanks for stopping by my blog. I tried to email you back, but for some reason it said you account was disabled. I was it's not, she just sent me a message. LOL Thanks again. :)

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