Just a shout out to Greg, the customer service guy, at the RCN cancellation department.
Thank you for not pressuring me into keeping services that we can no longer afford since the company you work for decided to, once again, raise their rates for services that were already overpriced! For being sympathetic to our situation and remembering that it's tough enough to have to cancel cable, and that trying to force us to keep it would only make us feel worse. I'm already mourning the loss of some dear friends, MSNBC, TLC, WE, A&E.... And I won't even talk about having to say goodbye to Anthony Bourdaine because I can't bear the pain, but I digress...
I know that being kept on hold for 45 minutes before you finally answered wasn't your fault, I'll blame it on the big bosses who make millions of dollars every year and could care less that I wasted all those precious moments out of my day waiting for someone to finally pick up, while they were probably out golfing and drinking scotch at the clubhouse.
Thanks for keeping the conversation lighthearted and even slipping a little joke in here and there, and for reminding me that this too shall pass! I hope you get a raise soon, Greg, you deserve it!


I love the Kudos. OMG, that annoys me when you call to cancel anything and they still want to suck you dry of money you don't have.

Gregg, thanks for treating my BFF with respect.

Will there be some services held for your loss???? hee hee
How about an on-call nurse to help with your withdrawals???

Well done!!!

You've more patience that I do.

great shout out to Greg!!! It is nice to hear there this! I think you should write his boss!!

I love spending endless hours on hold (NOT), thanks for the giggle and sorry you will miss your favorite channels but then again you might spend more time writing humorous stories for us to read??

Isn't it nice to know that not ALL people who work for cable companies are complete morons and spiteful? =)

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