day 94
little ant ~ big world

Ever feel like that ant up there? Constantly working hard with no pay-off except to make some other Queen Ant's life better? lol


Yup, that used to be me, chugging away industriously, and all that jazz ;-), but I loved it at the time, and now by dint of hard work, I have a lot saved...which is good, since I am not working at present. It all circles around. ~Mary

I have felt like that this week. Lots of problems went on with our oldest. I felt like I was climbing a hill and kept falling down.

Yes, I do. Me and the QUEEN need to sit down and have a long talk about how uncle sam is doing a damn good job already and she needs to sit back....lmao

Seriously, it is getting harder and harder. The economy is not helping. We all have something to lose and it is wreaking havoc. Scared to death everyday may be the last at the job, in the marriage. It is hard.

oh yes, I have felt/feel that.

great picture!

Just wanted to know if this was one of your famous pictures you have taken?????

This is a gorgeous photo and just begging for a devotional thought

beautiful picture!! i love the colors.

Thanks everyone! It's part of a much bigger picture, but when I was editing it I noticed that tiny little ant and couldn't resist lol

Oh, but there will be a pay-off and it will be glorious! We just have to wait awhile for it...


I just found your blog on my sister's and went in and checked it out. I love this picture and what you said about it. If you don't mind, I am going to become one of your followers. I've read down through a lot of your posts and have really enjoyed it. I don't get a lot of time on my computer, other than at work so I'll drop in from time to time.

Yes, yes, and yes! I feel that way all the time. Keep on truckin'.

What a neat picture.

For about 22 years now. I guess there is some sense of satisfaction in putting in a hard days work, but it would be nice to be able to do it for reasons other than putting food on the table. I guess that's what life outside of work is for. Love ya, -d

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