day 93 - that kind of day

Home from work, both yesterday and today. It's raining out, but luckily not too cold, perfect weather for curling up under an old quilt, with a good cup of coffee and an even better book. Finally I have the opportunity to lose myself in a book that I've been slowly making my way through called One Thousand White Women - The Journals of May Dodd, by Jim Fergus. I am so enjoying this book!

day 92 - cake, it's what's for breakfast

Good ol' fashioned dump cake, recipe given to me by my Dad's Aunt Charlotte, many moons ago. I didn't have any crushed pineapple so I used chunks, definitely not the same, but still good. I debated over whether it was a good thing to eat a whole bowlful of cake for breakfast, and then remembered that I'm a grown woman and I can eat cake, as much of it as I want, for breakfast any old time I want to...
Being a grown woman - it's a good thing.


How fun! I love days when you can just drink coffee, read, and snuggle under blankets. Those are so perfect.

BTW, start checking your mail! You should have a surprise soon, yea!

a friend brought us dinner last and she brought dump cake!!! yum!

a quilt,a cup of go go juice and a good books sounds heavenly!

I wouldnt look at it like eating cake... I'd look at it as eating FRUIT for breakfast!

There's fruit in the cake so It sounds like a healthy breakfast to me. I love the days I can curl up with a blanket, tea and a good book, be even nicer when I can sit outside in the warm sun and read a book!

Just wanted to stop in and say thank you so much for coming to visit my bathroom! I'm now following your blog. The cake looks fabulous!

Exactly go and eat that cake! Can you have a few bites for me? I'm off sugar on yet ANOTHER diet...why do they INSIST we go off sugar on these diets? lol!

I love cake at anytime of the day! I would properly say that if it's sinful don't give it up....that's what makes it so good.
I have to say I like to cuddling up but for me it is a good movie instead of a book.....
BTW, yes I can read!! lol

BTW, I am still jealous that I had to work the last five days while you enjoyed being under the quilt, eating cake (whenever you want), and having time to yourself....

Okay, for some reason, I'm not receiving all of my comments by way of email. Sorry if you've commented and I haven't replied!
You're all completely right, there's lots of fruit in that cake, but even if there weren't woulda had it for breakfast anyway! LOL

Oh that look's so good. And I'm a grown woman and my new rule is I can eat cake whenever I want to, too. I am looking up dump cake on google. Never heard of it, but I'm determined to find it!

Dump Cake! Yea. . .
And I can't help but comment on the counter. I have that same counter top (circa 1974). Yes?

It counts as a bread and a fruit, so why not for breakfast? LOL

Definitely a good thing! Sometimes I have Oreos:)

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