I was doing my daily blog reading and discovered that Tracy, over at the Brown-Eyed Pea is about to start making her own cleaners. Thought it was funny that I'm doing exactly the same thing here, just as soon as the store-bought stuff is gone. I've had the ingredients sitting in the window sill for weeks...day 131 - simple

Still need to pick up some tang (for the dishwasher detergent) and some white vinegar for fabric softener and all-purpose cleaner, but I'm pretty much good to go. I've been using vinegar and water for cleaning for a while now, but am ready to move on to getting everything else as close to natural as possible.
What about you, do you make your own cleaners, or have any helpful household hints you'd like to share?


I love this! Where did you find your ingredients? I've heard that some are hard to find.

I haven't actually been making my own cleaners but do seek out those that are environment friendly; and I applaud you for doing this!

p.s. I just hate the smell of vinegar but use it.

I have my fav store bought stuff...lemon and orange smells...and of course my mother's all time fav PineSol...lmao

I have bad allergies, not sure how to do it with out having some problem with it. But hopefully when I get someone to clean my house then I might want to go greener....

I had no idea that you could make homemade cleaners! That's awesome.

Tiff, would you share the recipes you are going to use?

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