So yesterday I'm talking to my grandson on the phone, I can hear him jumping around like he always does, but don't think anything about it. Not more than 2 minutes after we hang up, I get a call from my son-in-law asking if I can come out and watching my other grandson because they need to take John to the hospital. Apparently, while he was jumping around, he smacked his head on the coffee table...
Three hours later...

day 133 - ouch, that's gonna leave a scar.
Seven stitches and a big ol' bruise, and I bet it won't be the last time.

Hangin' out with Joshua while the stitches are taking place.
Can you tell we had pizza for dinner? lol

day 132 - snow white


That actually isnt a bruise. It was the Iodine stuff they put on. But he was a real trooper. Didnt cry. Ok other then when we put him on the bed/table cuz I quess he rememberd last year stich thing. We still owe him ice cream lol

Just wait, there will be a bruise the size of Texas before you know it! ;o)

boys! you are right, it probably won't be the last time!! Glad he is okay and you were close enough to help!

My son had to get stitches under his chin because he can't seem to fall and use his hands to break his fall!

Poor guy that looks like it really hurt!

oh my word...i read your title as spring time boobs at first...HAHAHA. well, mine have sure lost their "spring"!!! ☺

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