Hey everyone, I'm kinda still here, but not really. You've obviously figured that out by now though.
No excuses, just tired as anything and everything and just feeling kinda blah. By the time I get home from work I have just about enough energy to watch a movie, check a couple blogs, and eat dinner, what's up with that?!

Anyway, I'll catch up on my Project 365 pictures this weekend, if not before then, I promise! And I'll also try to remember to get the dining room portion of the Dream Home challenge up.

My gosh, is it as humid in your neck of the woods as it is here? I can barely breathe these days!
I bet it's not as warm and humid as it is back home in Texas though, so I'd better not complain too loudly or I might get a few phone calls berating me for my bad behaviour. lol

Speaking of back home, here are some things I've been missing for, well, for about the past almost 7 years.
(If you feel real bad for me, I sure wouldn't hold it against you for sticking a little care package in the mail.) Oh, did I just write that out loud? Please excuse my lowly begging, must be the humidity.... Anyway, back to things I've been missing:

1. Big Red (come on PA, get with it!!!!)

2. Wolf Brand Chili

3. Avocados 4/$1.00

4. Gigantic oranges and ruby red grapefruits that taste sweet as sugar.

5. Pecan honey butter

6. Wranglers (nuff said) ;o)

7. Friendly people who talk your head off at the corner store (even though that was one of the things I wanted to get away from, I miss it now.)

8. People who wave when they pass you on a country road, and don't look at you like you're going to pull them over and rob them if you wave at them.

9. Taco Cabana

10. Frontage roads and not being forced onto a high way just to have to get off one exit down the road! I HATE that.

11. The smell of orange blossoms and honeysuckle everywhere you go!

12. Austin (6th Street and Eeyore's Birthday)

13. Cheaper, well, just about everything.

14. People ALWAYS offer to help you out if you run into trouble. Always.

15. KG's Kitchen, best fried crawfish ever.

16. Jack in the Box tacos.

17. Corner stores with everything from beer to fishing supplies to movie rentals. lol

18. Six Flags Over Texas

19. The River Walk in San Antonio

20. Tons of family and friends. Miss them most of all...

Strange, the things you miss when you go away isn't it? What do they say, Home is the place you do everything to get away from and spend your whole life trying to get back to. Is that how it goes? Can't remember.

Okay, I'll stop now, since you've probably died from boredom by now. Be back soon, till then, wave at a passerby or two, it might just make their whole day.

♥ Tiff


I can not believe that there wasn't one mention of how you miss your BFF.....HURT LOL kidding

I miss digging for change so we could go get dairy queen blizzards in the dead of summer....

Miss you bunches...

Some of those things remind me a lot of where I live in North Florida.
Homesickness is so wrenching.

Hope your energy comes back!
I find that I miss people who have died lately. It is these emotions that let us know we are really alive. I guess I am really alive! :-)

My BFFs and I were just talking about a trip to Six Flags...

You don't have Wolf Brand Chili??? HUH?!!

Okay ChocDrop, you know I miss you Girlfriend, that absolutely goes without saying!

Ms. Moon, you're right, it really can be heart wrenching to think that you will probably never live back home again...

Thanks Erin, I'm sure it's just a funk and will pass like everything else.

Lois Lane, have fun for me if you go! Nope, no Wolf Brand here, can you believe that?

I go thru periods like this about missing Savannah and what I do is try to get my fill vicariously thru books, magazines, tv, whatever, until the next time.


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