day 130 - pretty weeds

day 129 - air
Getting ready for a summer that will be here before we know it.

day 128 - Mother's Day
Hubby's task for this year's get together at the in-laws was to make the potato salad. Turned out great, he was so proud that he wanted me to take a pic for my "blogaroo" lol

day 127 - Mt. Airy Casino
Took a drive up to the mountains to clear our heads and ended up at the casino just to check it out. Lots of older men in polyester leisure suits with comb-overs and all the oldies playing over the loud speaker. Felt like we'd stepped back in time! lol


MMMM, yummy potatoe salad. It looks good!
I like your window, the wood accent is my fav.

I will take a big hunkin bowl of that potato salad! YUM!!!!

you're right, the weed looks beautiful up close!!!

the potato salad looks yummy!! he did good!

You made me think of a time I went to a work conference and some guy showed up in a polyester suit. He got too close to a decorative candle (& apparently had a lighter in his pocket) and in literally 2 seconds, 1/2 of his suit melted. After we found out he was ok, we laughed our heads off!!

Oh my gosh Sara, that's awful, but you're right, after finding out he's okay it would have been hilarious. All these old men were smoking cigars too, so I can see that happening! If not to the suits then to the toupees lol
Everyone's welcome to come on over for a BBQ, I'll make sure he fixes plenty of that same potato salad! ;o)

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